Health and Wellness Tips for Digital Nomads

Why is it so hard to stay healthy while traveling? Despite the increase in hotels worldwide offering healthy food options, gyms, and wellness programs for guests, sticking to a diet and exercise routine seems impossible. It’s as if your brain goes on vacation mode, and all discipline goes out the window. After a few days of indulging in the finest cuisine and lounging around, you return home with great memories, souvenirs, and an extra 20 pounds you’re going to have to work hard to shed.

Though it can take some time to get rid of the extra weight and get back into a healthy routine, you have the controlled environment, resources, habits, and discipline to support your efforts once you arrive home. Digital nomads and long-term travelers, however, aren’t so fortunate. You’re continually relocating; your immune system is exposed to new environments, temptations are all around, and the access to adequate healthcare services, supplies, and resources varies from one destination to another.

Traveling can, indeed, compromise your health and wellness. However, if you travel for a living, you must develop practices that help you keep everything intact. Below are some suggestions.


Schedule Regular Medical Appointments

Affordable and efficient healthcare isn’t available everywhere. As such, long-term travelers should incorporate regular medical appointments into their plans. Let’s say you’ve been in Europe for the past month but recently returned to San Diego to visit family; you should make a point to see the appropriate healthcare providers. Whether you need a San Diego orthodontist for a dental procedure, a pediatrician to update your child’s immunizations, or an optometrist to get an eye exam and a prescription for glasses, it’s best to have these things done before returning to a new destination.

Prepare Your Own Meals

It may be tempting to want to indulge in the many different foods you encounter, but this practice is expensive and compromises your health and wellness. The best way to remedy this would be to prepare meals yourself. You can create a grocery list and head to a local grocery store or market to purchase healthy ingredients. Then, cook the meals using the cooking appliances and kitchen space in your hotel or vacation rental. Investing in things like portable stoves, hot plates, crockpots, and rice cookers allows you to prepare healthy meals even when there aren’t any appliances or kitchen spaces.


Let the Outdoors Be Your Gym

Going to the gym isn’t everyone’s forte. Not to mention, gyms aren’t always available, and memberships eat into your budget. The good news is, staying healthy while traveling doesn’t have to mean going to the gym every day. Let the great outdoors serve as your workout space. It’s free, good for you, and comes with many options to stay in shape. You can take hikes, go on walking tours, rent and ride bikes, go swimming, or practice yoga. The great outdoors is also ideal for improved mental health as exposure to the sun, fresh air, and nature can boost your mood. Make a habit of indulging in at least one outdoor physical activity each day for improved health and wellness.

Stop and Enjoy Life

Believe it or not, the nomadic lifestyle can weigh on you emotionally. From frequently relocating and being away from friends and family to working day and night to secure the funds to support your family, there’s a lot that can get you down. After a while, it’s almost like you’re not on vacation at all. The best way to combat this and enhance your emotional well-being is to remember to stop and enjoy life. Find the time in your schedule to do things you want, see sights you’ve never seen, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do what you’re doing, so enjoy every moment you can.

The nomadic lifestyle is a dream come true for many, but it’s not without obstacles. One of the biggest problems long-term travelers have is maintaining their health and wellness. Since traveling requires you to be in good health, start incorporating tips such as those mentioned above to develop a healthy lifestyle no matter where you are.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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