Travel in the Fall: Your Ultimate Guide to Europe

Fall is well underway and although it may be tempting to think about the imminent winter and settle into hibernation, savvy travelers are now finding that fall is the perfect time to pack your bags and head to explore Europe.

With the summer crowds dwindling many popular destinations have thinned out a bit with the tourist populous and happy travelers are able to enjoy the delights of Europe without the heaving crowds or dripping sweat heat.

But where are the best places to travel in Europe over Fall? A recent study by GoEuro of their search and booking data has identified the most popular European destinations with North Americans during late summer and fall. Within this it’s easy to pick the top two countries as being Italy and Spain, where you’ll pick up the last of the summer sun’s rays, followed by France, Germany and the UK where cultural attractions and cosmopolitan cities are gorgeous throughout the year.

Breaking these countries down, this is a list of great European destinations in Fall.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a small place. Tiny winding cobble streets and narrow canals can become all a bit too much to bear in the height of summer tourism. But the joys of this city are hard to beat. Romantic gondola rides, waterside restaurants, exquisite seafood cuisine, historical Renaissance and Gothic architecture to make your heart leap. To experience all of this to its full extent fall is the perfect time to visit Venice when you’ll have just a little more pavement space to move.

sagrada familia

Barcelona, Spain

If you’re chasing some summer heat on a Fall excursion then Barcelona may just be your destination. Temperatures can still reach 73°F throughout Fall here. With a long stretching coastline along the blue mediterranean and world famous architecture by the likes of Gaudi (think La Sagrada Familia), Barcelona provides the perfect balance for relaxation and sightseeing on your next travel adventure.

Paris, France

On a crisp Fall day what could be better than wrapping up in a cosy coat and stepping out onto a Parisian pavement to enjoy a streetside croissant and espresso before a day of exploring some of the most impressive museums and architecture in the world? This is what Paris provides. What’s more the city is afire with trees boasting burnt orange leaves to add to the romance. Paris in Fall is a bucket list destination.

Rome, Italy

Beyond the Colosseum and the ancient Roman ruins, Rome is also famously known for its cuisine. The Fall harvest is one such time when Rome and its surrounding townships celebrate their local cuisine in style. Visiting Rome in Fall you will be privy to a smorgassboard of fall specialties such as truffles and chestnuts, and of course grapes and wine. If you are a real foodie be sure to seek out the seasonal festivals and specialties that make Rome an even more desirable destination in the Fall months.

Seville, Spain

Cooler months in fall provide the perfect temperatures for sightseeing, which is ideal when visiting Seville, as there are so many. The Alcazar (famously featured in Game of Thrones), the Gold Tower and Seville’s Cathedral are some such attractions. But it is taking a stroll or bike ride through Maria Luisa Park with the brilliant fall hues of red, orange and yellow mapping your path that make Seville an ultimate destination for Fall.

From cooler climates to smaller crowds, harvest festivals to beautiful autumnal colours, fall really is one of the best times to travel in Europe. Plus, this list is just the starting point of great destinations to explore on your next trip to Europe.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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