Disney: The Most Organised Theme Parks Ever?

Has anyone noticed that Disney theme parks are wildly organized? They’ve basically thought of every single thing you could possibly need or want and they have provided it!


On our family Disney World holiday, we experienced hardly any line up to get into the Disney park (admittedly it was a Wednesday!) Once we were in we had a map to follow and easily found everything. We were staggered by the professionalism of the character performers – I’ve never seen such attention to detail both in costume quality and the performers efforts themselves.

Every show ran on time. Character meet ups were exactly where they said they would be and at exactly the appointed times. We were super lucky with the reduced crowds that we didn’t need to get the FastPass but on a normal day I think we would definitely go for it!

There was a reasonable line up for food and I was pleasantly surprised that lunch was not as expensive as I had imagined. Of course the money I saved on lunch didn’t come home with us! We spent it on a couple of souvenirs for the kids and a fancy hatpin to say we’d been!

Disney are clever. They know that they can still get you to spend your cash – you just get to spend it on more than just lunch so you feel a little better about it!

The park was meticulously clean. Even after the big parade when thousands of people had been gathered around, the ground was clean in a matter of minutes. And we never really noticed anyone cleaning! No overflowing rubbish bins here – everything was kept clean and tidy all day.

And don’t even get me started on the whole hidden Mickey phenomenon. A massive amount of work has gone into hidden mickeys. They are everywhere. You don’t even realize it because there is just so much to catch your attention at a Disney theme park. You can buy books that help you find the hidden mickeys too. I would imagine if you were on the 7th day of a weeklong pass you might be looking for different and interesting things to do in the parks.

Disney takes everything to the next level and makes other theme parks look bad. Once you’ve had this experience you will wonder how the others even stay in business. I haven’t been able to look seriously at our own theme parks since!

I can’t wait to try out some of the other Disney theme parks and see the different ways they impress their visitors. Old Walt really knew what he was doing when he had his vision for the parks. I wonder what he would think of his empire if he could see it now?


Author: Tracey Pedersen

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