Creating Quality of Life—Home at Heart

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” Quality of life is something that happens every single day – especially when you make it a priority.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is feeling at home, wherever we are. I know that in the last year, I’ve been home a whole lot more than I’d like. I bet you have been feeling something similar.

That’s why I’ve been keeping a little journal of tips for feeling at home. Just in case I forget for a moment and start griping about little irritations. That’s when I reach for my trusty journal and have a little bit of a refresher.

Probably, I’ve got too many tips to fit into this single post. But let’s have a go.

“My Door Is Open—My Kettle Is On”

Well, that’s not an original phrase. It’s the wonderful phrase on the PG Tips Tea container. I don’t know if you agree, but for me, when the kettle starts whistling, everything just seems to be alright.

I loved the phrase so much that I made a little mobile out of the cover of the tea package. I made a whole series of these during a several-day power outage. I was kind of at my wit’s end so I cut up tea containers and wove them together into mobiles.

It turns out that tea is scientifically proven to be relaxing—something we all know intuitively.

That brings me to my second tip.

Weave and Reweave

There’s something about weaving and reweaving that I find calming and soothing. It doesn’t matter where I am, what’s going on in the news, or even—as it turns out—if the power is shut off for 3 days.

I’ve found that the very act of weaving is soothing. I’ve woven all kinds of things to create wall hangings, mobiles, and objects. Just a few examples are weaving Udon noodle wrappers, strips of paper, branches, and twigs, and of course – fabric.

Whether you’re at home or on the road, look for things to weave.

If you’re strapped for materials, weave by mending the odd-sock or two. I always seem to have one with a hole in the heel or toe. Sitting and reweaving my favorite socks is oddly comforting. It brings me right into the present moment.

Caring for The Cat

There’s almost always a kitty or two prowlings around. If you’re a homeowner, keep your eye out for the stray kitten. If you’re house sitting, a cat often comes with the territory.

One thing that’s helped me befriend cats I’m just meeting is to set up a cat litter subscription. I find it helps me stay in a happy mood about cat sitting. I don’t have to worry about clean-up, odors, or remembering to pick up litter when I jog down to the corner store.

Instead of worrying about litter, I find my time is better spent enjoying the cats. The meeting, greeting, petting, and relaxing to their purring makes me feel right at home.

“Cuppas Taste Better Together”

Oh, I’m circling back to the beginning. A cup of tea, or ‘cuppa’ as the Brits like to say, is always better together. If you’ve been sipping alone, now is the time to reach out. This phrase is also from the PG Tips box. But it’s not the only great phrase from tea boxes.

The other one that’s a favorite of mine is from Taylors Yorkshire Tea: “Let’s have a proper brew.”

Brewing a cup of tea for sharing with a dear one is like taking time to find your heart. Yes, the kettle is whistling. But that’s not all. Getting the cups warm, pouring the milk, and filling the sugar are all parts of preparing for a little afternoon festivity.

I like to have a little sweet with tea – whether it’s a bite of chocolate or a slice of pear, it seems to make everything better.

Of course, the best part is sharing. If there’s no one in the room, set up a Zoom call with a friend or dear one you’ve not seen in a while.

Everyone will be better for the time together.

As the folks from PG Tips like to say: “Come on over: It’s been too long.”


Author: Joseph Hanover

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