The Best Sailing Destinations in the World

A dream of many and the lifestyle of few: Sailing across the world on a private yacht!

That said, while only the most privileged are able to experience full-time life at sea, short term sailing holidays are perhaps less expensive than one would imagine. In many parts of the world, it is possible to charter your own yacht and go sailing.

So now that you know your dream, short term at least, is indeed very realistic let’s look at the best sailing destinations in the world.


The Mediterranean

The European continent is known for its charming historic towns, vibrant cosmopolitan cities, and wonderful natural scenery. But the most loved part of Europe for sailors is, of course, the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean features picturesque old cities such as Dubrovnik and Malta with their historic walls and fortresses. There are hundreds of picture-perfect islands with gorgeous beaches and turquoise throughout Croatia and Greece. Then you have the French Riviera with all its glitz and glamour and vibrant nightlife. Of course, we cannot forget the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine that varies from region to region but never disappoints!

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is indeed the ultimate destination for sailing. The inviting crystal clear waters of this region provide visitors with some of the world’s most abundant marine life and beautiful coral formations. But before even stepping into the water, guests enjoy the paradise of what are some of the finest beaches on the planet: the Bahamas, Barbados, St. Lucia and the Grenadines to name a few.

Choosing which countries to visit first will be your biggest problem when planning your sailing adventure in the Caribbean. The colonial history of Caribbean towns such as Kingstown in St. Vincent and Nassau in the Bahamas is great for those interested in exploring the history of the Caribbean. But it is the wonderful year-round weather and the laid-back lifestyle of the region which makes the Caribbean such a hard place to leave.


Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has become the Mecca for backpackers who come in larger droves each year to visit the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The unique cultures, nature, and cuisine of each Southeast Asian nation offers much to be explored, but it is the weather and the beaches which are the biggest draw.

The coastline and the islands of Southeast Asia can all be explored on an unforgettable sailing trip around the region. The white sandy beaches of Boracay in the Philippines, the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, and Halong Bay in Vietnam are 3 of the most popular options for beach bums while those who want to get in touch with nature can snorkel with whale sharks in the Philippines, search for Komodo dragons in Indonesia and dive with giant manta rays in Thailand.

Take your time and enjoy your trip on your own privately chartered yacht!

Have you chartered your own yacht? What was it like?

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