Action-Packed Days Out in the UK

There are some amazing adventures to have all over the UK. So if you are travelling here, no matter your age have an action-packed day out.

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Forest Adventures

Do your kids need to let off some steam? Take them to a forest adventure, where they can burn off plenty of energy. Forest adventures feature lots of activities such as zip wires – which often have amazing views – climbing, bridge building and orienteering. There are often water activities as well like kayaking or canoeing. If your kids really enjoy their day at a forest adventure, some centres also offer adventure camps, which are a lovely way for them to spend part of the school holidays. But if you only have a day, or want some family time, you can still enjoy yourself – and forest adventures are open to all ages, though some activities may have a minimum age or height requirement.

Driving experience

On public roads, there are very sensible reasons for sticking to the speed limit, but if you secretly long to put your foot down, then driving experience days have to be the answer. Speed limits vary, but you’ll certainly be driving at a much higher speed than is permitted on the motorway! Pick from a wide range of super cars, such as an Aston-Martin driving experience. Or if you want a real challenge, you could opt for an off-road driving challenge, where you’ll get to drive through mud, up hills, and along some really tricky terrain. This will be quite different from the smooth experience of a racetrack. Whichever type of driving experience you opt for, you’re sure to have an adrenalin-filled day out and challenge your driving skills to the max!

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Indoor skydiving

Have you always wanted to try skydiving but don’t quite have the nerve to jump out of a plane? Well, you can if you head to an indoor skydiving centre. Although the “flights” are very short, the experience will be absolutely exhilarating, and you might decide to try out the real thing after all! It will certainly be an unforgettable day. So how can you skydive indoors? In a wind tunnel, where you wear a special flight suit and get to experience the sensation of jumping out of a plane without any of the risks. Nevertheless, there is a safety briefing so that you can “skydive” safely, so be sure to pay attention!

Military assault course

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join the army? While you might not want to sign up for several years, you can get a taster of what’s required with a military assault course. It’s got a lot in common with forest adventures, except it’s muddier, more demanding, and a lot more exhausting! Military assault courses vary as to how challenging they are, so you’ll need to be very fit to take on the most extreme ones. Some courses have youth groups so that younger people can learn to work together. But it’s not just youngsters that can benefit from the team-building aspects of military assault courses; if you’re having trouble getting your office staff to work together, book them in for an assault course and they’ll soon learn the fine art of cooperating!


Author: Joseph Hanover

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