A Dad’s Guide to Functional Footwear

The average dad wears a variety of hats throughout the week. While the workday requires formality and seriousness, the evening demands relaxation and calm. When it’s time for yard work, your inner lumberjack reveals itself. Special events might require a classic gentleman to arise. Regardless of the circumstances, dads always rise to the occasion. As a result, they deserve reliable footwear to support these efforts. That pair of old sneakers you’ve been sporting for the past few years isn’t going to cut it. To help you find the best options available, here’s a dad’s guide to functional footwear.

Nice Boots

In the past, most dads only had two types of shoes: formal and casual. Today, those lines are becoming blurred as new designs, and shoe types check off boxes in both categories. Perhaps the best example of this change is the stylish boot. A classic pair of men’s stylish boots can serve as go-to footwear for social occasions, formal events, and everything in between. They’re more comfortable to put on than dress shoes, and more stylish than casual alternatives.

Work Boots

While a pair of fashionable boots are essential for relaxed settings, dads also need a reliable pair of work boots. When you’re working in the yard, going on a hike, or spending a lot of time outside in other ways, work boots will be the best option. These shoes are durable, robust, and built to last. They’ll protect your feet and keep your other shoes from becoming destroyed. For serious projects, you might even want to consider getting work boots with a steel toe cover, in addition to another pair meant for hiking and camping.


The “everyday shoe” for dads, sneakers are designed with comfort and function in mind. Whether you’re shopping at the store, heading to the gym, or going out for a run, sneakers will be your go-to shoe for most occasions. Typically, sneakers have excellent support and thick soles to make it feel like you’re walking on clouds instead of concrete. If you’re regularly active, you might want to consider getting specially designed sneakers intended for sports. On the other hand, if you only plan on using the sneakers for everyday activities, you’ll have a greater number of options available.

Dress Shoes

No dad’s wardrobe is complete without some stylish dress shoes. Despite their formality, these shoes are versatile enough to complement a variety of outfits. If your job has a strict dress code, these shoes are a must. However, you can still rock a pair of dress shoes when dressed slightly more casual. A buttoned-up shirt and a pair of jeans are immediately taken to the next level when worn with dress shoes. Whether you’re going on a date, meeting friends, or going to a wedding, you’ll find plenty of places to wear these stylish shoes outside of the office.


House Slippers

When you’re not at the office, running errands, or working in the yard, you’ll most likely be relaxing around the house. While walking around in bare feet or socks might suffice, every dad should consider a nice, comfortable pair of house slippers. This house footwear not only keeps your feet toasty and warm, but they also provide important padding and support. Wearing these slippers around the home can ensure you return to work with fresh feet that are free of any aches or pains.

No dad’s wardrobe is complete without these essential and functional types of footwear. They’ll help you fulfill your various roles with ease and success while keeping your feet comfortable and safe.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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