9 Reasons to Raise Your Family in Santa Barbara

There are possibly a hundred different reasons why living in Santa Barbara is a great move. It’s specifically an excellent location for families, no matter how old your children are. If you wish to learn more about all the fantastic perks associated with moving to this unforgettable corner of California, continue reading.


Museums and Educational Activities

Museums are a perfect combination of an educational and fun experience. When you’re raising kids, it’s crucial to have both aspects during an outing. Luckily, the glorious city of Santa Barbara has you covered in this regard. The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, for example, displays pieces of Asian, American, and European art from 4,000 years ago.

No matter how long you’ve been a resident in the city, it’s a spot you’ll want to visit with the kids again and again.

Unique Restaurants

Cooking wholesome meals in the home is an effective way to keep your kids healthy. But what if you want to treat the family to a nice dinner when out on the town? Santa Barbara is home to hundreds of unique and tasty restaurants that you can’t find on the East, North, or West coasts.

Several places can meet your family’s dietary restrictions too. So no worries if you’re vegan or vegetarian—Mesa Verde will be your kids’ new go-to.

Great Healthcare

However, no matter how great the museums and shopping malls are, parents should only care about one thing when it comes to raising their kids — their safety. Therefore, healthcare should come first. Luckily, Santa Barbara has some great healthcare centers and facilities for children of all ages. If needed, you can even find teen treatment in Santa Barbara for your older kids.

They will be in trustworthy hands, which will give you peace of mind when deciding to make the city your permanent home.


Stearns Wharf is right on the Pacific Ocean. Aside from the beautiful view and the gentle scent of sea breeze always wafting your way, the pier also offers excellent shopping and dining experiences. It’s also the longest deepwater pier between San Francisco and Los Angeles!



California is best known for the unbeatable weather and stunning location on the coast. Additionally, there are so many cities in California that families can explore and enjoy. When living in Santa Barbara, you’re only two hours away from Disneyland in Anaheim. You’re also located one hour from Los Angeles, and all of the bustling things the city has to offer.

You can take a day trip on the weekend, or take the entire week off wherever your kids are out of school during a holiday.

Great Spots for Dad

Whether Dad is an outdoorsy explorer or the inner city adventurer, there’s also something for them to enjoy. Santa Barbara is also known for its perfect location near the beach and beautiful wineries, which he is also bound to enjoy.


As much as parents love spending time with their kids, sending children to school is a necessary part of their development. If you’re concerned about your children and their education, fear not! Most of the elementary and junior high schools have an impressive A rating.


A beautiful blend of the city and the serene call of nature is what makes a place alluring. Santa Barbara is one such location. This city in California is home to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. The Arroyo Burro County Beach Park is another area to marvel at. Both of these places are popular with both tourists and the locals. Bring your older kids here to hike and bike. Have your toddlers tag along—teach them about the beautiful world of nature and the different animals that reside in the desert.

Wrapping Up: Raising Your Family in Santa Barbara

There are so many cities in California alone. So, what makes Santa Barbara so unique for raising your family? It’s an outstanding area for families with young children. It’s also a city with a rich history and culture. Not to mention, you’ll be driving distance from so many magnificent places located on the West Coast. If California has been beckoning, it’s time to answer the call.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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