8 Apps and Digital Services Every Parent Needs to Consider

Life as a parent can be quite hectic, it often feels like there are too many moving parts, and things to constantly keep track of. When there are so many things going on in our lives, a lot of the stress comes from trying to keep the household running, and making sure that all aspects of our children’s lives are in order and taken care of.

If you also have a job or a business to run, you can end up having too many plates spinning in the air which can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed all the time.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The internet is packed with all sorts of resources and tools that you can leverage to take the overwhelm out of parenting. There are tons of companies that solely exist to solve these pain points and make life easier.

There are websites, apps, stores and other resources that can take over some of the things you need to do, or at the very least, save you money. Using the internet to your advantage is one of the best ways to put your life in order and allow you to focus less on chores and tasks, and more on bonding with your children and nurturing them.

In this article, we go over some of the best resources parents can use to help run their household and their children’s lives more effectively.

XBox Game Pass

Video games are getting more and expensive with each new generation of consoles, and for parents, buying every new release can end up putting away a tidy sum of money. But you don’t actually have to do that if you opt for a gaming subscription instead. XBox’s GamePass service gives your child access to hundreds of games when you pay from as little as $9.99 a month.

It gives you access to so many amazing games, and even XBox exclusives so they can play a whole lot of games without you needing to pay a whole lot of money. It’s one of the best ways to not only save money, but to open up the powerful world of subscription gaming, which allows your kids to explore different games and genres which will make gaming an even better experience.


Buying clothing for kids can be one of the most stressful things parents have to do regularly. Where can you buy the best stuff without spending a fortune? How can you make sure you’re buying things your child will actually like?

The perfect solution to this problem is subscription clothes boxes like kidpik. These services send you clothes regularly, taking all that stress out of getting nice clothes for your children.

Every month the service delivers personalized outfits to your door. Each box contains 7 items that create a minimum of 3 complete mix and match outfits, styled specifically for your child.

There is no styling fee and delivery, shipping and returns are free. You also have the freedom to select the frequency of your deliveries from 4, 6, or 12 weeks. This is an easy way to leverage the digital tools we have to make life easier and bring convenience into your homes. Also, your kids get some great new threads!


Does this scenario sound familiar: your kids make really awesome artwork but they start to pile up in your home, you lose track of them or lose them entirely. When your kids make endless amazing creations, you often end up with a whole lot of art you can’t track.

This is where ArtKive comes in. It is a way for you to stock up on the art and actually get some use out of them. You can send them all your artwork and it can be stored digitally or even get turned into a larger piece of art. Now your little artist can have their work celebrated and elevated!

Family Time

With so many devices and screens becoming a part of our daily lives, it can feel like it’s hard to give our kids a balance between that and real life time. It’s not healthy for our children to always be in front of screens, and that’s where Family Time comes in.

This application allows you to set screen times for your children’s devices, lock the devices when they shouldn’t be using them and start limiting their time online before they go to bed.

Using these apps can help you create time for some outdoor time, or even time to just bond as a family. We live in a world now where it feels like so much our lives exist online. It’s important to be intentional about our screen time, and using an app that allows us to set it up in advance is one of the best things we can do for our kids.

Loot Crate

If your child is into pop culture or nerd culture, there’s an awesome subscription box service that can keep them stocked with awesome collectibles and memorabilia. Every month, your child will receive a box filled with stuff like anime, comics, figures, and amazing items from their favorite movies and TV shows.

Every single month, a box full of surprises will be delivered straight to your door, and your child will get to enjoy some amazing products and it takes the guesswork out for parents. Now you won’t have to figure out what to buy for your children, it will just come to your door like clockwork!


Everyone wants to have a home that reflects their unique sense of style and personality, and for parents, that includes their children’s rooms. Home decor is experiencing a golden age, and now instead of buying grown up furniture you can get pieces that are made especially for the comfort and style of children.

Decorating your child’s room can be a difficult process, especially when you have no clue where to source furniture. This is where 2Modern comes in, they offer an extensive collection of children’s furniture, from storage to desks, beds and other items that will spruce up any room, and make it bright, colorful and unique. The best thing is you can order everything online and have it delivered to you, hassle-free.

Amazon Book Box

Reading is a very important part of being a mentally healthy human, and the same goes for children. There are so many benefits to helping your kids nurture a reading habit, but it can be really hard to regularly buy your kids the right books. Often, parents have to spend hours trying to find the right combination of books.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do that anymore. Amazon launched a book subscription box that sends you books regularly. They do all the work of curating the publications according to what your kids’ interests are or what you want to read with them.

Through the subscription box, you can actually reduce the cost of books because you get a generous discount. It’s a lovely way to get your kids to discover new authors and genres, and to fall in love with reading for their entire lives. At the very least, it will make storytime an even better experience for you and your little one. 

Little Passports

It’s so wonderful to help our kids nurture a sense of curiosity about the world, and all its cultures. You don’t have to travel extensively for your children to get this experience. Thanks to the subscription box Little Passports, your little ones are given educational resources that give them more knowledge about the various aspects of the world.

The information can range from best foods in different countries to the unique geographic features of each continent. This kind of subscription is going to widen their knowledge, make them more curious to learn about the world and it’s actually an enjoyable way for parents and kids to bond around something wonderful.

Technology can truly be an invaluable resource that not only gives you a wealth of information, but also the kind of tools that make your day-to-day life easier. This is especially important for busy parents who already have so much going on, and so much to do to keep the household running with less stress.

There are hundreds of subscription boxes in the market that can suit whatever interests your child has, or whatever you want them to learn. The digital world opens up so many doors, but one of the biggest ones is the door to convenience. We could all do with a lot more convenience in our lives, and often the best way to do that is to leverage our mobile and digital devices.

Life is already so busy that it can feel overwhelming to keep everything organized and on track but luckily, you don’t have to do that at all. Using apps and other digital services is one of the best ways to simplify your life, but to also enhance it in the best ways.

You can help your kids learn, discover new products and interests and most of all enhance the time you spend together as a family. By taking some of the key decisions off your to-do list, you get to have a happier life with a lot less stress and overwhelm.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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