3 Ideas for an Outdoorsy Holiday with Kids

With summer vacations just a few months away, it’s the time when most families begin planning their summer activities with the kids. Instead of going to theme parks and the usual tourist traps which so many families visit each year, why not make this year special and plan something totally out of the ordinary? Why not plan an outdoorsy kind of vacation holiday where you will have more time to enjoy each other with fewer distractions! Check out the following ideas and you just might find one that is perfect for your family this year.


Primitive Camping

What do you think of when you think of camping? In today’s world, many people think of hopping in the old RV to travel to a park along one of the nation’s sandy beaches. Unfortunately, few families have ever had the joy of a primitive camping experience where there are no amenities and certainly no electricity or Wi-Fi! This is a way to truly reconnect with the family because that’s all you will have to pass the time. Try to leave all electronics at home, except perhaps a smartphone to access emergency services if needed or a GPS locater in case you lose your way in the wild. While there are some campgrounds that offer primitive camping, this isn’t the same as going to a state park, for instance, where you can choose your spot away from other campers if that’s what you so desire.



Once you’ve taken the kids kayaking, you’ll find just how quickly this will become their favorite summer activity of all. At first, you may want to visit a spot where you can rent a kayak, but be prepared to buy your own once the holiday is over! Kids quickly fall in love with the thrill of being out on the water as they quickly float down the stream. Not only will you want to buy your own kayak but don’t forget, you’ll need a roof rack too. If this doesn’t become your go-to summer vacation adventure, you’ve not found the right spot and that’s for sure.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Although much of the Appalachian Trail might not be easy for kids to traverse, there are areas that are perfect for the entire family. Not only is this a great outdoorsy holiday, but it will also offer an amazing learning experience on several levels. Not only can you teach kids a bit of history, but you can help them learn about rock formations, plant and animal life and a whole host of other things related to life in the “wild.” You may want to bring along pup tents for camping, but then again you may simply wish to hike day to day, staying in little cottages and motels along the way. Plan well according to the ages of your kids!

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A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

Finally, just remember that no matter what you do or where you go, it’s all about planning so that you are prepared for what awaits you. For example, kayaking with families is a whole other ballgame than kayaking with a group of college buds. You will need waters that aren’t so rapid or deep. Then consider what it means to go primitive camping where there are no amenities and probably a whole host of critters and insects to contend with. Does anyone in the family have serious allergies to bee stings, for example? Don’t forget that Epi-pen if that’s the case.

As the old saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so do your homework before embarking on a totally new and yet-to-be-experienced journey. A little preparation goes a very long way indeed.

Which is your favorite outdoorsy holiday with kids?

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